GreenSys Platform


  • GreenSys Platform is a complete end-to-end IoT and NanoTechnology learning platform with ready to use product reference
  • The Hardware layer consists of Gateways and Nodes which are used to control various devices remotely, through the GreenSys Cloud enabled Big-Data Platform which forms the Software layer
  • GreenSys Hardware platform is based on leading-edge IoT & Nanotechnology chips by STMicroelectronics
  • Greensys allows innovative Real-Time Analytics and complete system integration with IoT applications through an open API

Shorter Product Realization Cycle


  • The Gateway is used for communicating with the nodes and acting as an intermediary for the nodes to cloud and cloud to node communication
  • The nodes are endpoints that directly control the devices( such as switches, dimmers, ThermoStat) and send information about the device such as device status and device state to the gateway, which eventually pushes it to the cloud for analysis and storage
Cloud Platform
  • The software side uses Big Data Technologies like Apache Hadoop and Spark for the Cloud Infrastructure
  • Data is ingested into the Cloud Ecosystem using Big Data tools like Apache Kafka
  • Raw data storage is done on NoSQL Databases like MongoDB and Cassandra
Client API
  • Follows a packet format to arrange the data acquired from the sensors in a formal/deterministic manner and eventually to transmit to the GreenSys cloud application
  • GreenSys IoTKit hardware prepares the packets as per this standard and sends using MQTT protocol over internet
Data API
  • API (Application Programming Interface) allows your products or services to talk to other products or services
  • So using this we open up the data and functionality to other developers and to other businesses

IoT Products


Complete Control

Experience complete control of all Smart Poles, at the tip of your fingers using web application

Interactive Dashboard

Power Consumed,Power Saved,Fault Rate and much more is available to see and monitor


A Comprehensive report for every Smart Pole is available with real-time-data, along with dynamic comparison across timeline


Configure each Smart Pole and Gateway, using routines to suit your requirements


Get a comprehensive look at all the Smart Poles in any area, see their location and status on an interactive map

Smart Pole Architecture

60W Node with Solar

  • MPPT Based Solar Battery Charger
  • High Power Factor AC-DC LED Driver
  • 6 Low PAN Mesh Networking Scheme

100W Node for Dual Lamp without Solar

  • Drives high brighness LED with constant current mode (two lamps on same Pole)
  • Low THD with High Power factor

  • Low power consumption

Cloud Platform

  • Future-proof, with more sensors and cameras comming soon
  • Big-Data platform, reducing scalable solution developement effort
  • State-of-the-art Technology with B2B, white-label approach
  • Seamless integration, with IoT applications through Data API

Home Automation

GreenSys Home Automation Platform is a complete end-to-end home automation platform. The Hardware layer consists of Gateways, Nodes, and Smart-Nodes while the Software layer is comprised of APIs, Apps, and the GreenSys Big-data enabled Could Platform. These two layers work together to control various devices remotely from any part of the world.


  • Human-friendly Interface
  • Autonomous Lighting control
  • Autonomous surveillance
  • Detection of malfunctioning devices

Home Robot API

  • The GreenSys Home Robot API enables Service Robots with real-time actionable intelligence from the Home Automation System. This makes a huge variety of Sensors, Equipment, Security/Safety devices get seamlessly integrated with mobile Robots
  • It enables the Robot designers to focus on the core differentiation of their product and leveraging the ready-to-use platform for bringing a higher value proposition to their end customers
  • Unique use cases are made possible: Robot navigating to a location in case of an event or getting summoned; Guarding a large Home; Robot operating the devices/equipment at Home
Home service robot (based on ROS/TurtleBot) built by team Nalanda from Robocup @Home Education league


GreenSys IoTKit firmware package enables you to connect your IoTKit with Cloud to transmit the environmental data. The software includes a middleware package implementing the MQTT protocol to facilitate interaction between the featured boards and Cloud services.


  • Sense the atmospheric temperature and humidity
  • Sending the data to the cloud for remote analytics
  • Monitor the data using web app

Embedded C Program to send the Data to Cloud

Levels of Learning with GreenSys platform


Hardware Components

  • STM32L476RG-Nucleo
  • Mobile Phone to use the web-based Application on Chrome

Software Components

  • Embedded C for writing firmware in IoT Kit
  • Kafka and Cassandra to get the data from the cloud and store in the database
  • Spark to analyse the data
  • Java to write the backend code for writing logic
  • HTML, CSS and Angular for developing the Web Applications


The team is led by seasoned experts from Semiconductors, Educational Technology, Smartphones and Digital Television domains. Our colleagues are alumni of BITS Pilani, NSIT, RGPV, RGUKT and NIIT University

Leads GreenSys effort being a firm believer in reducing the effort needed in making IoT products reach MVP stage and Go-to-Market in a quick/efficient manner.

Srikant Modugula

Chief Executive Officer

Heads the Technology function of GreenSys products with vast experience in designing hardware/software products with a rare ability to span multiple domains.

Narasayya Donepudi

Chief Technology Officer

Leading the Hardware/Firmware design of GreenSys Nodes with his expertise in various applications including Home Automation.

Sandeep Rai

Hardware/Firmware Expert

Firmware developer with hands-on experience in driver development, IoT storage devices, application firmware development, and debugging Embedded hardware.

Poonam Mohan

Firmware developer

An enthusiastic techie with expertise in embedded systems, always looking for new challenges with handy soft-skills.

Sharad Karwa

Embedded Design Engineer

Being true to his passion of Yoga,is devoted to perfection in every aspect of building a reliable and easy-to-use Cloud platform.

Narayana Kancharana

Cloud Platform Specialist

Passionate about technology, constantly seeking to learn and improve skillset for designing and developing high-volume, low-latency Enterprise grade applications.

Harsh Rohilla

Full Stack Developer

Product specialist with keen eye for adding differentiation in our offer and supports our marketing with tailor made collateral.

Akshay Sawan

Product Specialist

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